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What happens when you take a popular movie, and ask 20 funny, poignant, or just plain weird questions about it? This.

August 9, 2018

Ep 54 - Face Off

Thats right guys, we finally broke Stacey and made her do a Nic Cage ep. As we are gentlemen though we did let her host her way through it. Some great questions as usual below. Cheers!

  1. Compliment sandwich (one good, one bad, one good)
  2. This film is the bastard offspring of a dirty love affair between which two films?
  3. What flavour ice cream is this movie?
  4. If you were a recruitment consultant, what job would this movie be suitable for?
  5. Which subplot from the movie would make for an awesome spinoff movie?
  6. What deep philosophical debate arose in you during this film?
  7. What character just clearly needs to get laid?
  8. How would you incorporate Nicholas Cage into this movie?
  9. What top ten list would you have this movie on?
  10. Suggest a porn parody name for this film?
  11. Kahu - How would this movie have continued if Castor Troy just decided he didn’t want a new face after all? Or if he could grow his face back? Would it have been better if he could have used anybody’s face?
  12. Kahu - Aside from being John Woo, why are there doves in a random chapel on the beach?
  13. Kahu - Would you be ok if your significant other brought back the son of your son’s murderer to live with you without telling you? Like that’s not going to cause issues down the line?-
  14. Sam – Who would horrify you the most if you woke up looking like them tomorrow?
  15. Sam – What sort of vacation is this film?
  16. Sam – What character would you get to be Godfather or mother of your child?
  17. Stacey – At what point during this film did you think- they should have ended this production?
  18. Stacey – Of all the bad moments in this movie which is the worst?
  19. Stacey - What's a better use of the face replacement/swapping technology?
  20. Fan Q – Who would you recast the leads with?

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