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What happens when you take a popular movie, and ask 20 funny, poignant, or just plain weird questions about it? This.

September 5, 2018

Ep 55 - Crazy Rich Asians

It's the smash hit movie that is taking the world by storm, and husbands taken against their will to it. That's right, Stacey managed to convince Sam to go along with her to see the incredibly well recevied Crazy Rich Asians and the results were... varied.

But the best is the question from our premier patreon, Phil Joynson! He's now question number 2 for eternity! Or until he stops paying us. Want to join his ranks? Go along to our Patreon site right here and join the legions of awesome fans clamouring to show their support for our amazing selves.

K bye for now.

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