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July 24, 2018

Ep 53 - Anchorman w/ Ash from Lets Rewatch

Another week, another awesome guest on our show! Very lucky to get some time with the totes amazing Ash of Lets Rewatch and Laugh Stash TV fame. And she absoloooooootly bought the humour this week, while doing the infinitely funny Anchorman. Loved it!

So our Q's this week were:

  1. Compliment sandwich (one good, one bad, one good)
  2. This film is the bastard offspring of a dirty love affair between which two films?
  3. What flavour ice cream is this movie? 
  4. If you were a recruitment consultant, what job would this movie be suitable for?
  5. Which subplot from the movie would make for an awesome spinoff movie?
  6. What deep philosophical debate arose in you during this film?
  7. What character just clearly needs to get laid?
  8. How would you incorporate Nicholas Cage into this movie?
  9. What quote from this movie would definitely not work as a pick-up line?
  10. Suggest a porn parody name for this film?
  11. Ash – If you were a news anchor, what would your sign off be?
  12. Ash – What is your favorite one liner from this film?
  13. Ash – If you had to rumble with the rival news crew, what weapon would you use?
  14. Sam – which line would work on you “I want to be on you” or “I felt compelled to tell you something, you have an absolutely breath-taking hiney”?
  15. Sam – Who’s the real MVP of this movie?
  16. Sam – Would you be mad with you dog if it ate a whole wheel of cheese?
  17. Stacey - What scene could have used a sports training montage?
  18. Stacey - Would you play a videogame based on this movie? What would it be like?
  19. Stacey - What’s the weirdest smell you have ever smelled? A la Sex Panther
  20. Fan Q - What other role could you see these guys doing? (Care of the I Seen That Pod)

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