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September 9, 2021

Ep 179 - Napoleon Dynamite w/ The History of Aotearoa New Zealand and The Provise Project podcasts

Hey everyone, kiwi collaborations don't get much bigger than this, as we were blessed to be joined by not one, but two of New Zealand's biggest content creators. The first is a returning guest, Thomas of the History of the Aotearoa Podcast. Did he get as drunk as last time? Maybe! But also joining him is Timprovise from The Provise Project, and a ton of other stuff, with links down below. And the movie this week was Napoleon Dynamite, which got the standard treatment, including Q's like:


Realistically, would we vote for Pedro? How would we use a time machine like Uncle Rico? What skit/talent would we use to convince kids to vote for us? 

Now links for the guys, you can find more of Thomas here:

And for TimProvise here:


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